It’s Been Quiet Here Lately

I always appreciate when blogs are real — that is, the author writes about what’s really going on in life, not just what will “post” well. For me, that’s been the hardest thing about starting to write again: sometimes there are just spans of time where nothing seems to happen worth writing about.

Take lately. Nothing of note has happened on the home front . . . we’ve just been in a gentle rhythm of daily life: feed the animals, do some homeschooling activities together, laundry and chores, get out for little adventures as much as possible with only one vehicle, and going to see our horse two or three times a week. Nothing that anybody else would find exciting, but I find it to be so wonderfully good for my soul that I’m not changing it.

Not having a garden this year has been very weird, although it is pushing me to do a better job of harvesting the few perennial herbs I have. We should definitely have enough lemon balm for the whole winter! Of course, I’m really missing the garden at this time of year, but I can tell that taking it out was a good decision. Like I said, sometimes you have to take something out all the way to see what shape it wants to take in your life, not what shape it already has. The new garden spot (when Kenny can get to helping me build the beds) will be pretty awesome, or at least it looks that way in my head.

We haven’t even been doing firewood yet because the chainsaw’s broken and Kenny’s overloaded. I started cleaning up the firewood spot yesterday . . . boy, that was a mess. I’m just going to do what I can for as long as I can and trust that God honors forward movement, no matter how small.

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