My Very Classy DIY Garden Bed Chicken Protector

See? It’s working already!

We’ve spent years (all of them) trying different methods of chicken containment and ways of keeping them out of the garden. We tried the chicken tractor method (spoiler: you have to have really flat ground — we never have), chicken fencing around the entire garden space (ironically, chickens just jump right over chicken fence), and keeping them in a designated chicken yard. None of them seemed to be quite right for our style.

Enter my big and bright idea

Of the two of us, Kenny is the one that is more creative when it comes to making things to solve problems, but he’s been loaded down with work stress lately and we’ve been lagging in our projects progress (ie, I got tired of waiting….necessity truly is the mother of invention). Ergo, I got busy.

It occurred to me that all of our failed attempts were “bigger” methods of either keeping chickens “out” or “in,” but since we’ve switched to the raised bed style of gardening, there’s so much flexibility and creativity that can be done with just a single bed — one reason I love this style! All I really need to do was keep them out of the bed until the plants are big enough that they can’t kill them, so (duh) I realized that a small hoop row cover used to extend the season would work just fine.

However, we didn’t have any hoop material and with this Corvid-19 business going on right now we’re holding onto our money a little tighter until he’s back to work full time. I’m a big believer in being #frugal and #usingwhatyouhave, so . . . what we did have was lots of leftover pvc from our greenhouse days. Modification, here we go.

It’s three sections — the permanent end caps, and the hoop portion that can come off for planting, tending, and storage. I’m thinking it will hang from the garage when it’s not being used.

I have to admit that I’m kinda proud of how it turned out. I don’t usually “make” things, so I feel a bit like a badass when I do. Of course, this is day one of completed project. We’ll re-evaluate at the end of the season. :-/

I was also so eager to get #springplanting that I didn’t even wait till it was finished to put the early seeds of peas, spinach, arugula, and lettuce, beets, and carrots in. Naturally I had the company of several chickens trying to eat the peas as I put them down, one dog that thinks it’s fun to run at full speed directly toward me, and my garden buddy cat trying to sit on my lap while I was kneeling. I had to designate a living scarecrow to assist, and then he got fired for being distracted and was replaced with Barefoot Girl. It really is true that you can’t get good help these days ….

#Gardenhacks just might be my new interest. How about you? Any cool hacks to share?