We believe family and home are the foundation for society’s security and well-being.

One part veteran of the USMC, one part homeschool graduate turned homeschool parent, we have always believed in independence, self-reliance, and critical thinking, but getting out of the military and starting a family all in the same year forced us into the “system” of trying to make it working for wages in a failing economic system (we’re part of the first generation that’s projected to do worse than their parents, and we can see that repeated all over with our peers).

However, through years of financial struggles while raising our daughter, we managed to buy five acres in 2015 because we believe like many of our agrarian founders and settlers that security comes from the land and being able to meet one’s own needs while helping family and neighbors. We’ve endeavored towards that end with chickens, goats, and gardens (although the garden is currently failing, but that’s another story).

However, the increasing volatility and instability of our society now has made us realize that that’s not enough; it is time to actively establish a homestead independent in power, food security, and defensibility while also becoming an example of the forgotten “home economy” that existed in most rural households before the Industrial Revolution.

Buckeye Homestead is in part a love song to the transforming power of home and family, for it has been through my own journey of letting go of who I thought I should be and embracing who God called me to be that we have begun to experience some much-needed healing in our lives. It is also our ongoing journey toward sustainability while we slowly transform our five acres of *very* little infrastructure to something usable and beautiful.

Let’s make something together.