My First Homemade Mayonnaise!

So we’ve had a serious glut of eggs around here all winter (yes, even winter — the time of reprieve??). We share with our neighbors that help lock up the coop if we’re out past dark and Barefoot Girl took 10 dozen to 4h, but still. We have about 12 dozen in the fridge right now.

I’m rather ashamed to admit that out of the 11 years that we’ve had chickens, I’ve never made mayonnaise.

I love mayonnaise.

I mean, I really love mayo. I eat it with sandwiches, fries (half and half with ketchup), in salad dressings, with potato salad . . . everything (is that the Midwestern in me? There wasn’t much mayo-eating in California). Why have I never made it? No idea.

Buuuut…I’m pretty excited about this first batch. It was so simple, and definitely one of the things we should all be doing for ourselves. I messed up a bit because I forgot to add the oil slowly, so it’s a bit thinner than it should be, but it’s creamy and tasty and YELLOW! This recipe from Inspired Taste uses whole eggs, which I appreciate (I hate having to find something to do with the yolks!). Pretty excited to be adding this to our homestead repertoire.

However, major downside in the “using up the eggs” goal: I made a quart and a half of mayo and only used 4 eggs.

Eleven and a half dozen to go…

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